Hand Made Only


Shotguns in any gauge either S/S or O/U, sidelock, boxlock or trigger plate.

Double rifles in S/S only and calibres from .22rf to 4 bore REWA.

Bolt action rifles in calibres up to .505 Gibbs Magnum.


IMG_6129 (Mark Crudgington's conflicted copy 2013-04-03)IMG_6131

These are our “CENTRE PIECE” bolt action rifles.we have been building these “STOPPER” rifles since we developed the cartridge in 1913.Today we will build you such a piece on an original Magnum Mauser” action(when available) or a “Johannsen” magnum action,the GMA “African ” magnum action, the BRNO ZKK action or , in the near future a British built Magnum action.

We ,at present, have a good stock of 1930’s original Gibbs/Vickers barrels or we can supply modern British made barrels.

Rifles can be built to exactly copy the original format of the prototypes using the original Gibbs guages and tools,or we can build the rifle along more modern lines.If you really push us hard we will fit a scope(reluctantly) but whatever you decide we will build the ultimate British bolt action African rifle.

Previous users of the Gibbs 505 include J.A.Hunter,Tony Sanches-Arino,Bror Blixen,Winston Guest and Monty Brown. The calibre and make has featured in the works of Hemingway and P.G.Woodehouse amongst others!

Phone,write or e-mail with you requirements and we will set the wheels in motion to let you own a piece of “modern” history

Prices from £12,950 excl tax. Exact prices by quotation only


GibbsGunsandRifles003shotgun1New 4 bore Rewa double rifle

We have ,at present, a good stock of part built boxlock and sidelock shotguns in 12 and 20 bore,we have machinings for 12,20 and 28 bore boxlocks as well as single barrel actions etc.We use our own gunmakers as well as Britains finest independent out workers,if you have a project in mind contact us and we will try and realise your ideas


gunmaking4Best New .308 bolt action rifle based on Sako action

Our own Mauser type action or Mauser 98, Ruger 77, Sako, Winchester Mod 70 Or Remington 700 in action lengths suited to the calibre selected.



300H&H single shot , based on Ruger No1New rifles ( farquharson 357 4)ss

Calibres from .17 HMR To .600 Nitro in break open or Farquarson Action.

Calibres from .22 (Inc. centre fire) on the Gibbs Gale action or .22 Hornet to .416 Rigby on the Ruger No 1 action . (Inc, the fitting of Sideplates if required)

We can also manufacture copies of flintlock and percussion guns and rifles to the highest hand made standards. Not to be confused with modern mass produced replicas.


We can fit most types of open sights including Rigby type cocking piece aperture sights,also our front sight hood is amongst the most simple and reliable made.

Telescopic sight mounts of most makes can be fitted as well as H&H type Q/D mounts and our own Q/D type. All POA

Please ask for details of our low profile sling swivel mounts and other inovative soloutions to some common rifle niggles

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